Reading Order

Wondering where to start with Mia's catalog? Wonder no more.
Below is the suggested reading order.

Although the entire series can be read as standalones, for the best reading experience, Mia recommends the following order:

Marry Me- Book 1 (July 2020)

Fix Me- Book 2 (August 2020)

Free Me- Book 3 (September 2020)

Catch Me- Book 4 (October 2020)

Tempt Me- Book 5 (November 2020)

Twist Me- Book 6 (April 2021)

Written in the Stars features science loving nerds and the men who love them.

A Sea of Stars is a free prequel available to anyone.

Stars Collide is a rivals to lovers, nerd/jock, only one bed romance.

Gravity is a friends with benefits, hookup turned surprise coworker, swoony love fest.

Friendship and Desire is all about men finding out they were always more than friends.

Dirty Forty features best friends for 30 years, a fateful marriage pact made at 21, and a whole bunch of awakening.

Chasing Fate follows Sydney on his ill fated quest for a bearded prince.

Fancy Free is illustrious wedding planner Hayden’s quest to avoid the very straight but oh so alluring Luke.

Love in LA is a series of doting Daddies and the boys they love. It is not age play.

Legendary Daddy

Exploring Daddy

Becoming Daddy

Complete Standalones