Thorn Evermore


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Catching feelings? No thanks. Love is a cage and I like my freedom.


They say forty is the new thirty, but maybe that’s for regular people. Not guys like me who spend their days dusting off antiques and fantasizing about mythical beings. After too many breakups, I’ve given up on finding love, but my milestone birthday sent me out looking for a random hookup.

When I saw him, a man so gorgeous he didn’t even seem real, I hoped I wasn’t dreaming. We spent a few amazing hours together, leaving me with memories of an incredible night to keep me warm. Weirdly, Thorn didn’t just want a one night stand. He swept me off my feet like a regular fairy tale. Only he’s no prince. He’s way more exciting than that. A little dangerous too. He’s dropping love bombs left and right, but there’s just something about Thorn that lowers my guard, and I can’t help but fall for him.

When he drops a whole different kind of bomb on me, I discover my fantasies are real. Until him, I didn’t know what love really was, but now that I do, the past is truly history and the future is Thorn Evermore.

Thorn Evermore is book five in the Immortal Assassins series, a contemporary setting, MM romance featuring vampire assassins finding love with their fated mates. Book five contains a hedonistic vampire on the hunt for his latest adventure fix, a shy antique-loving mortal facing an identity crisis, love bombing with good intentions, dirty looks at bad exes, a touch of hurt/comfort, and an eternal soul finding out a fated mate is actually pretty rad.


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