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Running from my past led me straight into the arms of my future. That is, if evil doesn’t catch me first.

New Orleans felt like the right place for me to disappear, but I walked right into trouble. Horatio Bouchard, my mysterious new boss at the vampire themed store Relic, talks in circles and always shows up at odd times, but when I’m forced to find out the truth about what he is, what the city is full of, and that I’m on someone’s list, well, it’s a lot to swallow.

I ran to get away from a violent past, but my new life is looking pretty dangerous too. If I can put my trust in the charming, dangerous man and his strange crew of friends, he promises me I’ll be safe.

At this point, I don’t really have a choice but to go all in, embrace all the city has to offer me, and discover hidden strength I never expected, all why trying to manage my overwhelming attraction to my protector.

A vampire trying to save his city, a clueless mortal who steps right into the middle of chaos, a mysterious and deadly vampire illness spreading through New Orleans, come together in this standalone MM paranormal romance.


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Paperback, *Signed* Paperback

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