Mountain Topped


Signed Paperback

Can a fantasy about being shared turn into something more? Bowen’s about to find out when he gets Mountain topped.

Is there a bigger gay cliché than falling in love with your straight best friend? Oh, I know; a random hookup with a dude from the gym.

I didn’t think I’d ever manage to fall for anyone other than the unattainable Hawthorne, but the more time I spend with Aldis the more I… like him.

As for my straight best friend… do straight guys usually stare so much when you’re wearing gray sweatpants?

I never thought the drunken admission of my deepest fantasy would lead to the three of us hooking up and Hawthorne looking at me like that. Now my best friend and my hookup-turned-more are bonding over their shared love of mountain climbing, the three of us are, ahem, exploring, and I’m hoping this is more than just a messy fling.


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