Eternal Syn


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My life was nothing but darkness and pain until he stepped out of the shadows to save me.


For years, I’ve struggled just to survive. Life is rough, but I keep on fighting, desperately grasping to a sliver of hope that someday, somehow things will get better.

Between dodging the bad guys in the neighborhood and avoiding my uncle’s wrath, I do my best to avoid being seen. When things go from bad to worse, a dark angel appears, rescuing me from certain death. His name is Syn, and he sees me in ways no one else ever has.

He’s a dangerous man, but somehow I know he won’t hurt me. When I find out that vampires exist, and even wilder than that, Syn believes I’m his fated mate, I’m offered a life I never could have imagined. If I accept his gift, he’ll be mine for good — my eternal Syn — and I can leave my old life behind for good.

It’s a tempting idea. After all, only a vampire can truly love you forever.

Eternal Syn is book one in the Immortal Assassins series, a contemporary setting, MM romance featuring vampire assassins finding love with their fated mates. Book one contains a possessive vampire who didn’t know he was capable of love, a sexual awakening, a wounded mortal just trying to survive, a lot of bad guys who get what they deserve, plenty of heat, and vampires being vampires. It’s a hurt/comfort, morally gray, vicious vampire on the outside/marshmallow on the inside love fest you don’t want to miss.

Content warnings: This book features a team of vampire assassins who take out really bad people. There are brief discussions of events that happen off page that include:
physical/domestic abuse, sexual abuse, stalking, death of a parent/brief mention of parental suicide.

On page violence includes vampires being vampires and mafia guys doing mafia things.

The relationship between the MCs is low angst and the books has an HEA.


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