All Inclusive – Signed Paperback


Signed Paperback
My best friend is the man of my dreams, but is there any chance I could be his?

My best friend is gorgeous. No, really. Like can’t take your eyes off him gorgeous. He’s also sweet, a little shy, and yet has a crowd of men clamoring to share his bed. I envy him in that way, while my desire for him grows.

What’s holding me back from making my move besides endangering my closest friendship? My pitiful lack of experience. Even if he was interested in me, how could I possibly compete with the men he’s dated before?

But when one of our coworkers plants an idea that’s too good to pass up, I’ll find out if we’re only meant to be friends or if our relationship can be All Inclusive.

All Inclusive is a best friends to lovers, mutual pining, opposites attract romance starring a shy but popular ginger-haired angel and his outgoing but inexperienced bestie. It is book 2 in the California Crush series, featuring tan lines, thick thighs, and plenty of hot guys. Book your vacation and meet the men of Hillcrest Hideaway.

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