Welcome to the supernatural side of Mia Monroe. Here you’ll find an obsession with vampires and plenty of other paranormal beings from Fae to Merfolk to Demons to Reapers.

Dive into Mia’s first paranormal series, Covens of Eaton Falls, and discover her world of vampires and witches, fated mates, and troublemaking demons.
Covens of Eaton Falls

An MM Vampires and Witches Paranormal Romance from Mia Monroe. Set in the fictional Massachusetts town of Eaton Falls, live two covens, of vampires and witches, with centuries of war between them. They coexist peacefully, until the day trouble shows up. Will they band together over a common foe or destroy everything they've worked so hard for?

The series has an overarching plot and therefore must be read in order.

Never Trust A Guy With Fangs
Book 1
  • Never Trust a Guy With Fangs by Mia Monroe - Paranormal Gay Romance Book Cover
    Never Trust a Guy with Fangs Paperback Cover

Waking up in my enemy’s bed is just the start of my problems.

The first rule of being a witch: don’t trust the vampires. My entire life has been filled with stories of our warring covens. We tenuously coexist in the New England city of Eaton Falls, where the locals think we’re merely the stuff of fairy tales and horror movies.

We live life as the mortals do, keeping our magic behind the scenes. Everything is fine until the day I wake up inside notorious Eaton Manor, in the bed of none other than the sexy and terrifying head vampire, Augustus Rainier, with no memory of how I got there.

His presence makes my skin tingle and my heart beat just a little faster. I know the inherent danger of associating with violent, often unpredictable vampires. I’ve got bigger problems, though, when I discover my coven is in hiding, leaving me on my own.

When danger shows up at Eaton Manor, it becomes clear it’s not only the witches in trouble. Both covens need to decide: do we fight separate battles against the same enemy or break every rule in our history and join forces to defeat a common foe? The other major question—will possessive and domineering Augustus let me go when this is over?

Never Trust A Guy With Fangs is an MM paranormal romance. It is book one in the Covens of Eaton Falls series featuring a rebellious twink of a witch with eternal optimism, an edgy vampire with a strong mistrust of witches, two stubborn and quirky covens, a threat from an unknown enemy, and a dangerous desire that could tear apart tradition, all in a beautiful New England backdrop. It is not a standalone.

The Witch's Power Play
Book 2
  • The Witches Power Play by Mia Monroe - Paranormal Gay Romance Book Cover
    The Witch's Power Play Paperback Cover

How to tame a vampire isn’t in any of my spell books.

My life changed forever the night my coven was attacked. I was scared and alone until my bestie Leo showed up. I trust him with my life. Good thing since he dragged me to the home of a notorious vampire. Even worse, another equally terrifying vampire is in charge of keeping an eye on me.

I did my best to comply and keep my distance from the stoic, domineering man who I shared a room with. I may have tried to flirt with him a couple times, a totally dumb move considering vampires aren’t exactly fans of witches. It didn’t work anyway. Once I was able to get away from him and back to the safety of my coven, I hightailed it out of there. I thought I would quickly forget him. I was wrong.

When we reunite, Beto let’s a surprising secret slip, leading me to make a decision that we both might regret. Who am I to deny a man his need to submit? Will Beto decide to trust me with his desires? Can I learn to keep a vampire in check? Don’t know, but I’m up for the challenge. If the war doesn’t tear us apart first.

The Witch’s Power Play is an MM paranormal romance featuring a subby vampire who just wants to be good for someone, a sassy witch embracing his toppy side, a supernatural war causing havoc, a bunch of really annoying demons who show up at the worst time, and so much pining (at first). It is book two in the Covens of Eaton Falls series. Each book features a different couple with an ongoing conflict and therefore should be read in order.

Vampires Make Bad Roommates
Book 3
  • Vampires Make Bad Roommates by Mia Monroe - Paranormal Gay Romance Book Cover
    Vampires Make Bad Roommates Paperback Cover

I’m a medium so someone please tell me how I never saw this coming.

We’re at war with no idea why or how to stop the enemy, so when head vampire Augustus suggests we pair up to stay safe, logically it makes sense. Unfortunately for me, I end up with the only hyper vampire as my new roommate.

Laramie has been making puppy dog eyes at me since the first time we met, but what he doesn’t know is I have zero intention of falling down the in-love-with-a-vampire hole like my friends Leo and Presley have. I don’t have time for a relationship and no desire to be immortal. A mortal lifespan is more than enough, thank you very much.

What I don’t expect was Laramie to be so damn brilliant. Even with my connection to the spirit world, his time on the planet has given him insights I could never have. When he’s being serious, which is rare, I can hardly take my eyes off him. Slowly, I find myself feeling things. I’m not interested in love, but I might have time for some fun. I thought the vampire would make a bad roommate, but I’m beginning to think our living situation won’t be so bad after all.

Vampires Make Bad Roommates is an MM paranormal romance featuring a studious, no-nonsense librarian medium, a vampire with border collie energy, a slow burn romance with a quick burn attraction, antique books, secret passages, and more demons causing havoc. It is book three in the Covens of Eaton Falls series. Each book features a different couple with an ongoing conflict and therefore should be read in order.

Cosmic Spells and Vampire Liars
Book 4
  • Cosmic Spells and Vampire Lairs by Mia Monroe - Paranormal Gay Romance Book Cover
    Cosmic Spells and Vampire Lairs Paperback Cover

Are we destined to be star-crossed lovers or is Fate on our side?

My friends are finding mates while I’m stuck with a sexy but silent vampire. Sure, Pietro is everything a boy could want- handsome, strong, brooding, and possessive. It’s just that with my gift, I’m well aware that he’s not the one fate has in store for me. He couldn’t be. For one thing, his mercury is always in retrograde.

Besides, we have bigger issues to deal with than romance. We’re at war with a real jerk, and it’s only getting worse. If I’m going to be helpful, I’ll need to focus and listen to the stars, not stare at Pietro’s gorgeous face. I live my life with light and stardust while who even knows where Pietro’s thoughts are. Even I can’t get in his head.

Everything changes when we go on a quest to find a missing witch who just might be possessed. I meet a person who sees more than I do, and he’s got a feeling about me. If I listen to him, and convince the vampire it’s real, I might just get everything I ever hoped for. That is, if this war doesn’t ruin everything before it even begins.

Cosmic Spells and Vampire Lairs is an MM paranormal romance featuring a cosmic witch with his head in the stars, a pining and brooding vampire, more demons doing bad things, and a deepening mystery that leads to a dangerous discovery. It is book four in the Covens of Eaton Falls series. Each book features a different couple with an ongoing conflict and therefore should be read in order.

A Traitor Shows His Hand
Covens of Eaton Falls Book 5
  • A Traitor Shows His Hand by Mia Monroe
    A Traitor Shows His Hand Paperback Cover

My power is seeing the darkness inside people, but can I learn how to use it to reveal our worst enemy?

This war is seriously getting on my nerves. It seems like every day there’s a new obstacle to overcome, but hopefully, it’s bringing us closer to the end of it all. But then what?

Living with the sexy vampire Geoffrey has me feeling all kinds of new things. On the surface, he’s kind and attentive, but underneath is a darker energy that intrigues me. I’ve always been drawn to what can’t be seen. I guess you could call it a gift, at least that’s what my aunt told me and my twin Jack.

When that gift shows up in a new way, a traitor is revealed, and Geoffrey and I become closer than ever. Now I’m learning how to be independent from my twin, how to love someone, and how to harness the power that’s been unleashed within me before our time runs out and the enemy wins. Piece of cake.

A Traitor Shows His Hand is an MM paranormal romance featuring a twin finding his individuality, a vampire with a dangerous backstory, a traitor giving the bad guy the upper hand, and a war that just won’t go away. It is book five of six in the Covens of Eaton Falls series starring Maverick and Geoffrey. Each book features a different couple with an ongoing conflict and therefore should be read in order.

Demons Are So Annoying
Covens of Eaton Falls Book 6
  • Demons Are So Annoying by Mia Monroe
    Demons Are So Annoying Paperback Cover

Somehow Fate gave me two mates. Can our bond survive the war or will our eternity be cut short?

A few months ago, if someone told me that I’d be fated with two mates, a surly vampire and a too-sweet-for-this-world witch, I would have laughed. Now, I can’t imagine my world without Willem and Prince by my side. Unfortunately, there’s no time for honeymoons and roses. We’ve got a war to fight, while somehow managing to embrace a bond none of us saw coming.

Willem and I do our best to support Prince as he steps into his new powers, but I’m left desperate to keep us together and in one piece, not an easy task. Prince is in the center of this mess, but all of us have a role. I just wish I knew what mine was. My brother found his power, where the Hades is mine?

With increasing demon attacks (so annoying) and time running out, our combined covens and allies must work together to banish evil from Eaton Falls once and for all. But when the smoke clears, who will be the victor and who will be lost? We have to win. If we don’t, our happily ever after will be cut short, and there’s no way I’m letting that happen.

Demons Are So Annoying is the epic conclusion to the Covens of Eaton Falls series. It is an MMM paranormal romance featuring a super sweet witch turned vampire, a grumpy twin with a marshmallow center, and a vampire priest with anger issues finding out just why Fate put them together. In this book there are demons running amok, a plethora of discoveries, steamy times in sacred places (Willem is a priest, after all), and an epic battle for the ages. It is the sixth and final book. Each book features a different love story with an ongoing conflict and therefore should be read in order. I promise an HEA for all.

Immortal Assassins

Welcome to New Onyx where the love language is murder.

Immortal Assassins is a brand new paranormal series from USA Today Bestselling author, Mia Monroe. It features a coven of deadly vampires craving blood and mortal men who have no idea what they’re signing up for. There are clashes on both sides of good and evil, PLENTY of heat, and stories you can sink your fangs into. The series has a contemporary setting and each book can be read as a standalone, but what fun would that be? Read them all!

Eternal Syn
Immortal Assassins Book 1
Eternal Syn by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Book Cover

My life was nothing but darkness and pain until he stepped out of the shadows to save me.


For years, I’ve struggled just to survive. Life is rough, but I keep on fighting, desperately grasping to a sliver of hope that someday, somehow things will get better.

Between dodging the bad guys in the neighborhood and avoiding my uncle’s wrath, I do my best to avoid being seen. When things go from bad to worse, a dark angel appears, rescuing me from certain death. His name is Syn, and he sees me in ways no one else ever has.

He’s a dangerous man, but somehow I know he won’t hurt me. When I find out that vampires exist, and even wilder than that, Syn believes I’m his fated mate, I’m offered a life I never could have imagined. If I accept his gift, he’ll be mine for good — my eternal Syn — and I can leave my old life behind for good.

It’s a tempting idea. After all, only a vampire can truly love you forever.

Eternal Syn is book one in the Immortal Assassins series, a contemporary setting, MM romance featuring vampire assassins finding love with their fated mates. Book one contains a possessive vampire who didn’t know he was capable of love, a sexual awakening, a wounded mortal just trying to survive, a lot of bad guys who get what they deserve, plenty of heat, and vampires being vampires. It’s a hurt/comfort, morally gray, vicious vampire on the outside/marshmallow on the inside love fest you don’t want to miss.

Content warnings: This book features a team of vampire assassins who take out really bad people. There are brief discussions of events that happen off page that include:
-physical/domestic abuse
-sexual abuse
-death of a parent/brief mention of parental suicide

On page violence includes vampires being vampires and mafia guys doing mafia things.

The relationship between the MCs is low angst and the books has an HEA.

Forever Midnight
Immortal Assassins Book 2

We are two souls torn apart by tragedy and brought back together by fate. Are we doomed to repeat history?


I’m a one man army intent on saving my family from certain ruin. I’m the only one who knows my sister’s terrible secret, and I intend to keep it that way. It’s just that I may be a little in over my head taking on the city’s worst gang. I’ve been backed into a corner more than once until a mysterious man with few words but a face that could make the stars jealous rescues me. Twice.

The first time I ran, intent on focusing on my mission, even though I couldn’t stop thinking about him. But the second time? Yeah, he got me. We joined forces in more ways than one, our lives slowly becoming entangled.

I feel things with him I never have. Like the eerie sense that I’ve been here before. We’ve been here before. It’s impossible to shake the familiarity, and what’s worse is I know Midnight is hiding something from me.

When the truth finally comes out and the mistakes of the past show themselves, I have to decide what my future looks like. Do I return to the life I’ve always known or embrace a new future, one that is Forever Midnight?

Forever Midnight is book two in the Immortal Assassins series, a contemporary setting, MM romance featuring vampire assassins finding love with their fated mates. Book two contains a detached vampire with a long broken heart, a spoiled mortal with an appetite for vengeance, a very big problem, wait, rogue vampires, always lots of heat, and a love story centuries in the making.

Always Eros
Immortal Assassins Book 3
Always Eros by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Book Cover

Salvation comes in different packages, even murderous ones.


Did you hear the one about the guy who escaped a cult only to find out he had no clue how to survive in the real world? It’s me. I’m that guy. It took me almost thirty years to find the courage to leave the life I was born into and with it everything I’ve ever known. Now on the other side, I learn fast that life in a cult did nothing to prepare me for life outside of it.

That’s how I find myself tangled up with a mysterious man who looks like the angels I was raised to believe in. But he’s no angel. He may be soft spoken but I’ve seen his violent side and it’s something to behold. In spite of that, I know I’m safe with him.

What I definitely didn’t expect was how drawn I am to the murderous man. Especially because romance should be the last thing on my mind, but the pull between us is undeniable. Do I step out of one dangerous situation into another or cut ties and build the independent life I crave? My heart and my head are at war, but if this angelic man is to be believed, it was Always Eros I was meant to love.

Always Eros is book three in the Immortal Assassins series, a contemporary setting, MM romance featuring vampire assassins finding love with their fated mates. Book three contains a hopeless romantic vampire who still managed to give up on love, an absolutely clueless mortal who has no idea who he’s messing with, a new gang in town wrecking havoc, stargazing and city lights swoon, a simmering heat exploding into full on fire, and an epic love worthy of a poet.

Endlessly Raphael
Immortal Assassins Book 4
Endlessly Raphael by Mia Monroe - Paranormal Gay Romance Book Cover

I was looking for a fake husband, but what I found was so much more.

Something was in the air the night I walked into the club. It was like the clouds parted and there he was, the most stunning man I’d ever seen. He looked like he could be fun for a few hours, but as night turned to day, I proposed to him. If I wanted my inheritance and to take my rightful place in my family’s business, I needed a husband, and Raphael seemed like the right man for the job.

When my family finds out, all hell breaks loose and long-hidden family secrets tumble out of the closet, putting me and my burgeoning happiness in danger. But Raphael has secrets of his own, and when he’s forced to reveal them, I’m faced with a life-changing decision. If he’s telling the truth, our meeting wasn’t a coincidence at all. I was only looking for a fake husband, but maybe this thing with us isn’t fake at all. Do I follow the path I originally set out on or listen to my heart and embrace a future that is Endlessly Raphael?

Endlessly Raphael is book four in the Immortal Assassins series, a contemporary setting, MM romance featuring vampire assassins finding love with their fated mates. Book four contains a vampire with an artist’s heart but a jaded outlook, a free-spirited mortal who needs a husband fast, a quickie wedding, a human family with dangerous secrets, and two fated souls finding love in a hopeless place.

Thorn Evermore
Immortal Assassins Book 5
Thorn Evermore by Mia Monroe - Paranormal Gay Romance Book Cover

Catching feelings? No thanks. Love is a cage and I like my freedom.


They say forty is the new thirty, but maybe that’s for regular people. Not guys like me who spend their days dusting off antiques and fantasizing about mythical beings. After too many breakups, I’ve given up on finding love, but my milestone birthday sent me out looking for a random hookup.

When I saw him, a man so gorgeous he didn’t even seem real, I hoped I wasn’t dreaming. We spent a few amazing hours together, leaving me with memories of an incredible night to keep me warm. Weirdly, Thorn didn’t just want a one night stand. He swept me off my feet like a regular fairy tale. Only he’s no prince. He’s way more exciting than that. A little dangerous too. He’s dropping love bombs left and right, but there’s just something about Thorn that lowers my guard, and I can’t help but fall for him.

When he drops a whole different kind of bomb on me, I discover my fantasies are real. Until him, I didn’t know what love really was, but now that I do, the past is truly history and the future is Thorn Evermore.

Thorn Evermore is book five in the Immortal Assassins series, a contemporary setting, MM romance featuring vampire assassins finding love with their fated mates. Book five contains a hedonistic vampire on the hunt for his latest adventure fix, a shy antique-loving mortal facing an identity crisis, love bombing with good intentions, dirty looks at bad exes, a touch of hurt/comfort, and an eternal soul finding out a fated mate is actually pretty rad.

Wicked Nights At Lair

Be warned, fair mortal. Lair is not for the weak. Lair is a nightclub for supernaturals nestled in the dark and gritty city of New Onyx.

Wicked Nights at Lair spins off from Immortal Assassins, where vampires, shifters, sirens, demons, and all other sorts of supernatural beings come together to be themselves. Sometimes trouble finds its way to the club, but mostly LOVE is what's on tap. If you find yourself at Lair, strap in. It's a wild ride.

Book 1
Feral by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Book Cover

He’s danger and desire wrapped up in one person. I’m not into guys, but I can’t stay away.

I came to New Onyx seeking opportunity and experiences, trading in my small town existence for a big city one. I never expected to stumble upon a place like Lair, a nightclub that captures all of life’s hedonistic pleasures. Working there is…interesting, and I’m learning that there’s so much more to the world than I ever knew.

Meeting Hale, the charismatic, alluring man with a wild streak, leads me down a path of self-discovery, desire, and a hint of danger I never thought possible. I’ve never had feelings for a man before, but there’s something undeniable about the stoic man. He’s possessive and overbearing, but somehow, those qualities intrigue me.

When faced with a problem that threatens all that I hold dear, it’s Hale I lean on to get me through it. He helps unleash a side of me I didn’t know existed, leading me down a path of discovery that turns my life on its head. With Hale by my side, things are about to get Feral.

Feral is book one in Wicked Nights at Lair, an Immortal Assassins spin-off series. You can expect a hunky farm boy with a heart of gold in the big city, a wounded vampire doing his best to be civilized, a city full of bad guys who need to learn a lesson, a steamy nightclub setting with a touch of k*nk, fated mates, bisexual awakening, family ties, cameo appearances, tons of heat, and two men embracing their feral sides.

Standalone Books
Demon House
Demon House by Mia Monroe - Paranormal Gay Romance Book Cover

This house has BDE all over it. That is one big… Demon.


One night in the most haunted house in the country could be our ticket to fame and fortune. As a group of paranormal investigators, this could be our big break. If the hauntings are real, Peaches, Chaos, and I are expecting to be terrified and catch all of it on video for our fledgling channel.

When the rumors prove to be true, and I come face to face with the resident demon, all bets are off. Turns out, demons have feelings too, and this one is possessive, touchy, and huh, kind of hot. Did I mention he has big… horns?

To make it through this night in one piece, I have to do what I can to keep him happy. Looks like our viewers are going to get way more than they signed up for, but hey, gotta do what you gotta do.

Now the only question is, when the sun comes up, will I want to walk away and will the demon let me.

Demon House is an MM paranormal romance featuring a horny demon with a taste for mortals, a paranormal investigator in over his head, a haunted house that lives up to the rumors, and enough heat to make Hades jealous. It is a standalone novella.

A Kiss For Santa
A Kiss For Santa by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Book Cover

This year, Santa gets a gift too.

One night every year, I deliver gifts to all the good people around the world. I have everything I could want—a beautiful private home, loving friends and family, and the most amazing job in existence. All my needs are more than met, and the other 364 days of the year are mine to spend how I wish.

The only thing I don’t have is a love of my own. I’ve been hopelessly in love with Luca Vincent for years, watching him from afar, but he has a full life and it would be selfish of me to woo him away. Which is a problem because I have to be married soon or lose my Christmas magic to my brother. Neither of us wants that to happen, leaving me with two choices—let the Council arrange a marriage or find my own husband fast.

With my looming deadline and Luca’s holiday cheer slipping away, I know the time to act is now. Somehow, I have to convince him to come back to my home with me. I’ll use every tool I have and plenty of holiday magic to make him mine. Maybe this Christmas, I’ll find a Kiss For Santa under the tree.


Would winning his heart replace the bitterness in mine?

High school was hell. My peers spent their waking hours tormenting me. My accent, my weight, my lack of social skills, and looks only a mother could love, made me a perpetual target.

Years later, fed up with being the underdog, I took matters into my own hands. My transformation was epic, dare I say, supernatural, and I returned to that town armed with perfect looks, a fat bank account, and enough charm to steal world secrets, but my heart hadn’t changed at all, and it was hungry for revenge. I craved the destruction of my enemies more than the blood I now needed to survive.

And then Eli returned. My first crush, despite the fact he was straight. Eli was the one person who stood up for me in high school. He was a true friend, but I loved him with the ardent focus of a teenager, and once I saw his face again, I knew that love hadn’t died out at all.

Suddenly revenge took a backseat to wooing Eli. Now I could be the man he deserved on his arm, but Eli saw past the new me to the person I still was deep inside. Could he want me if he knew what I had become? Would he love me if he saw me Unmasked?

Unmasked is an MM friends to lovers, spicy tale of revenge, involving a man willing to sell his soul to get what he wants, an awakening that leads another man back home, bullies getting what they finally deserve, and a vampire doing very vampire-y things. It is a standalone. C/W inside.

Relic by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Book Cover

Running from my past led me straight into the arms of my future. That is, if evil doesn’t catch me first.

New Orleans felt like the right place for me to disappear, but I walked right into trouble. Horatio Bouchard, my mysterious new boss at the vampire themed store Relic, talks in circles and always shows up at odd times, but when I’m forced to find out the truth about what he is, what the city is full of, and that I’m on someone’s list, well, it’s a lot to swallow.

I ran to get away from a violent past, but my new life is looking pretty dangerous too. If I can put my trust in the charming, dangerous man and his strange crew of friends, he promises me I’ll be safe.

At this point, I don’t really have a choice but to go all in, embrace all the city has to offer me, and discover hidden strength I never expected, all why trying to manage my overwhelming attraction to my protector.

A vampire trying to save his city, a clueless mortal who steps right into the middle of chaos, a mysterious and deadly vampire illness spreading through New Orleans, come together in this standalone MM paranormal romance.

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