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Room Upgrade
Prequel Novella For The California Crush series
Room Upgrade by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Book Cover

What if I want my vacation fling to be a permanent stay over?

The best way to cope with finding my boyfriend trying to hookup behind my back? Rebound, of course. Our vacation to sunny San Diego was meant to rekindle our relationship. Little did I know, he had already moved on.

Rather than licking my wounds in my hotel room, I decide to take advantage of the hotel’s amenities, including the offer of a nightcap with the gorgeous bartender. I deserve a vacation fling as much as anyone.

Only one night turns into more, and before the weekend is over, I’m wondering if it’s time to make my Room Upgrade permanent.

Room Upgrade is a rebound, vacation fling MM romance. It is a prequel novella to the California Crush series, featuring tan lines, thick thighs, and plenty of hot guys. Book your vacation and meet the men of Hillcrest Hideaway.

Please note: this title was previously available as part of the Your Book Boyfriend's Boyfriend. There is no additional content.

Cosmic Spells and Vampire Lairs
Covens of Eaton Falls Book 4
  • Cosmic Spells and Vampire Lairs by Mia Monroe - Paranormal Gay Romance Book Cover
    Cosmic Spells and Vampire Lairs Paperback Cover

Are we destined to be star-crossed lovers or is Fate on our side?

My friends are finding mates while I’m stuck with a sexy but silent vampire. Sure, Pietro is everything a boy could want- handsome, strong, brooding, and possessive. It’s just that with my gift, I’m well aware that he’s not the one fate has in store for me. He couldn’t be. For one thing, his mercury is always in retrograde.

Besides, we have bigger issues to deal with than romance. We’re at war with a real jerk, and it’s only getting worse. If I’m going to be helpful, I’ll need to focus and listen to the stars, not stare at Pietro’s gorgeous face. I live my life with light and stardust while who even knows where Pietro’s thoughts are. Even I can’t get in his head.

Everything changes when we go on a quest to find a missing witch who just might be possessed. I meet a person who sees more than I do, and he’s got a feeling about me. If I listen to him, and convince the vampire it’s real, I might just get everything I ever hoped for. That is, if this war doesn’t ruin everything before it even begins.

Cosmic Spells and Vampire Lairs is an MM paranormal romance featuring a cosmic witch with his head in the stars, a pining and brooding vampire, more demons doing bad things, and a deepening mystery that leads to a dangerous discovery. It is book four in the Covens of Eaton Falls series. Each book features a different couple with an ongoing conflict and therefore should be read in order.

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