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Blind Date

Could a blind date be what I need to stop crushing on my straight coworker?


Spending months lusting over my entirely too cute for his own good, ginger-bearded work crush isn’t doing anything to fill my social calendar or my bed. So, what’s a guy to do? Get over himself and join the city’s hottest gay dating app.


The catch? It’s all blind. Being matched entirely on compatibility appeals to me. If I could just find the one guy out there who is ready to settle down, maybe I could stop fixating on someone I could never have.


When I show up to my date, the person I’m matched with is like a dream come true. I’m about to learn two things – life is full of surprises and my coworker isn’t as straight as I thought he was.


Read this newsletter exclusive short featuring mutual pining, a sweet misunderstanding, a determined Ginger, and finding out that love really is blind. Blind Date is a short story set in the Friendship and Desire world, with a sneak peek of Zach and Dominic, the main characters in Dirty Forty.