Eternal Syn Excerpt

A man dressed all in black, including a cover over most of his face, advances on us in what he must think is an aggressive manner. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a knife.

“I’m gonna need all your money and jewelry, rich boys,” the man grunts, waving the knife at us.

I raise my eyebrow while Thorn simply chuckles.

“I don’t think so. Run along now before you get hurt.”

The man scoffs at me. “Hand it over.”

“You’re in way over your head with us,” Thorn says, his voice deepening as his fangs descend. “If you want to live, I suggest you leave.”

“You’re threatening me?” The man shifts back and forth on his feet, checking over his shoulder. “I’ll kill you both unless you hand over those watches.”

Glancing at Thorn, I roll my eyes. “Mortals never understand.”

“Shall we teach him a lesson?”

“We absolutely should.”


Before the offensive man can finish his sentence, his feet are in the air and his back pressed is against the brick wall behind him. Thorn holds him up by his neck. The shock on the would-be thief’s face is comical.

“I warned you.” I smile, taking a moment to roll up my sleeves to deal with the asshole before our real target arrives. “Thorn, would you prepare our guest, please?”

“What the fuck is going on? Put me down!” The man kicks his legs, trying to shove away from Thorn’s vise-like grip.

“You had your chance to run,” Thorn says, tearing the man’s shirt open to expose his neck. He sniffs at the man. “Acceptable.”

I step forward, lifting my hand so the man can see my long nails. His eyes grow wide. “You really should be more careful. Sadly, this is a lesson you will not live to share.”

The man’s mouth drops open. “What is this? What are you?”

“I’m a vampire. Obviously.”

Those are my last words before I sink my teeth into the man’s neck, tearing at his flesh until his blood spills down my throat.

Pure exhilaration flows through me. The man’s fear enhances his taste, adding layers to his essence. His screams are music to my ears.

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