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Friendship and Desire Series

Dirty Forty by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Dirty Forty : Book 1

If I’m as straight as I always thought, why does kissing my best friend feel so right?


Zach has been my ride or die since we were nine. Business partners, roommates, best friends…we do everything together. But the last thing either of us expected was to be staring forty in the face just as single as we both were when we made a silly, drunken marriage pact twenty years ago. The problem? Zach is gay…and, well, I’m not.


Under pressure from family, that pact comes rushing back, and I lock us into a fake engagement. But is it possible some part of me wants it to be real?


Convincing Zach I’m legit is another story. With each passing day, I wonder if my feelings of affection for my best friend can morph into the love I desperately want in my life. Something in Zach’s eyes tells me we can have it all if we just try.


It may have taken me a lifetime to see Zach with new eyes, but with every touch and discovery, it’s been worth the wait. On the edge of Dirty Forty, it’s time to go for it.


All I have to do is convince Zach it’s real.


Dirty Forty is a best friends to lovers, marriage pact, demi/bisexual awakening featuring thirty years of pining, a fake engagement, curious kisses, and two guys finally embracing what’s always been in front of them.

Chasing Fate by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Chasing Fate : Book 2

Hooking up with your friend is a totally acceptable way to pass the time until your soulmate shows up. Right?


I’m on a mission – happily ever after or bust. I just know my handsome, successful, bearded prince is out there waiting for me to find him. I’ve had my cards read a million times. This is my destiny. True, it’s been a challenge navigating the dating scene, but you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.


So when my childhood bestie reappears after years apart, announcing his desire to reconnect, it’s a pleasant distraction to introduce him to my world and help him acclimate again. He’s not my type at all, but he’s fun enough to pass the time with. Burnt out from chasing yet another potential Mr. Right, I happily accept the friends with benefits offer. I could use a bit of fun.


If only Diego had some of the qualities I’m looking for in a mate. Just because he’s funny, sweet, charming, and incredibly good at — um, anyway, he’s just not the one. He couldn’t be. The cards wouldn’t steer me wrong.


But the longer we do this, the more I wonder, are we just blowing off steam or are we chasing fate?


Chasing Fate is a fun and steamy friends to lovers story featuring a devout believer in bearded princes, pining, sexual awakening, friends with benefits, and finding out maybe destiny doesn’t always work out the way you think it will. It is book two in the Friendship and Desire series featuring men finding out that maybe they were always more than friends.

Fancy Free by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Book Cover

Fancy Free : Book 3

The last thing I need is a curious straight guy sniffing around me. So why is he so hard to resist?


My life is everything I ever wanted—by design. Being one of the nation’s most sought-after wedding planners has led to a life of traveling to glamorous locations, bumping elbows with the rich and famous, and sampling every handsome hunk the world has to offer. I gave up the idea of happily ever after long ago, embracing my single status.


I was completely fulfilled until Luke barreled his way into my life. He’s jaw-dropping, can’t-take-your-eyes-off-him gorgeous, but alas, he’s as straight as they come. According to Luke, he was never into men before he met me. Flattering, but I’m not going there again. Been there, done that, have the scars to show for it.


I insist on an arm’s length friendship. It’s the right thing to do. As tempting as it is to help him explore, I simply don’t have the time or patience. That is until he kisses me. It isn’t long before I’m wondering if I’m ready to give up my Fancy Free life and take a chance on an unlikely forever. But if I do, will I get my heart crushed once again?


Fancy Free is a friends-to-lovers, bisexual awakening, steamy romp featuring a fabulous but reluctant wedding planner and his curious but inexperienced suitor. It’s book three in the Friendship and Desire series featuring men discovering that maybe they were always more than friends.

Tattoos and Temptations Series

Date Me by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Date Me : Prequel

He’s the hottest man I’ve ever seen.


I’m shy, not hot, and eating entirely too many pastries every day just to see my crush. It’s ridiculous to pine for a guy so far out of my league, but here we are.


When I confide in my friend about my crush, he pumps me up, giving me the courage to find out if this is a passing infatuation or the beginning of something more.


All I have to do is ask Wyatt to Date Me.


Date Me is a prequel novella to the Tattoos and Temptation series. In it, you’ll get a sneak peek of future main characters, tons of pining, a sweet tattooed hunk, and enough steam to satisfy. Welcome to Miami.

Marry Me by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Marry Me : Book 1

A fake fiancé never felt so real.


The idea of facing my cheating ex at a friend’s upcoming wedding sends me right back to the chubby, insecure guy I was when I met my very straight best friend. Since then Jude has been the most supportive person in my life. So when I ask him for a favor, he steps up and becomes the best fake fiancé a guy could ask for.


With three months before the big day, my friends rally to make sure we come across as authentic as possible. Jude takes to the lessons better than any of us anticipated. Especially the kissing.


Now the fake engagement is starting to feel kind of real.


This wedding should be really interesting…


Marry Me is a steamy, best friends to lovers, fake fiancé, gay awakening, low angst story. It is book one in the Tattoos and Temptation series featuring hot Miami nights, Latin desserts, and guys with ink.

It can be read as a standalone.

Fix Me by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Fix Me : Book 2

My crush has Daddy written all over him


The minute I laid eyes on him he became my new hobby. I turned on the charm to win him over, only to get friendzoned. The more time we spend together, the more glimpses I get of the Daddy he’s hiding under his no dating allowed exterior. Unfortunately for Saint, a Daddy is exactly what this boy is looking for.


I have no intention of staying friends with him, but with every platonic interaction, I start feeling things I never have. And not just about the sexy Scottish object of my affection.


I wasn’t looking for someone to fix me, but if I let him in we might have something amazing here.


If we can just shake the ghosts from the past…


Fix Me is a Daddy/boy story with a doting but reluctant Daddy, a bratty party boy in need of some structure, and fun times with a kilt. It is book two in the Tattoos and Temptation series featuring hot Miami nights, Latin desserts, and guys with ink.


It can be read as a standalone.

Free Me by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Free Me : Book 3

Only his ropes can unravel the past. 


I never thought I’d see him again, but when my former best friend shows up ready to make amends, it becomes clear just how tied to the past I am. He disappeared when I needed him the most, leaving me to navigate my truth alone. Now he’s back.


Nixon’s art leaves me vulnerable, defenseless, and I like it. Bound by desire and past hurts, giving him complete control might be exactly what I need to set me free. 


What neither of us expected? The ropes free him too…


Free Me is a sensual second chance, former friends to lovers, bisexual awakening story featuring Shibari. It is book three in the Tattoos and Temptation series featuring hot Miami nights, Latin desserts, and guys with ink. 


It can be read as a standalone.

Catch Me by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Catch Me : Book 4

It’s never worked with two. Is three the magic number? 

Cairo has been my bestie for years. He’s sexy, charming, and absolutely gorgeous. Even though the attraction is strong, my track record taught me to keep the line between friendship and more intact.

But then Luca entered our world with his southern drawl, bedroom eyes, and sexy smirk, quickly making a play for not one but both of us. Sounds like a recipe for trouble. I refuse to hand over my heart and get it stomped on again. No matter how hard both of them try to convince me I’m safe. 

Luca and Cairo can chase, but they’ll never catch me…

Catch Me is a super steamy friends to lovers MMM story with a charming and determined Southern boy, two friends who can’t see what’s right in front of them, and piercings in fun places. It is book three in the Tattoos and Temptation series featuring hot Miami nights, Latin desserts, and guys with ink. 


While this can be read as a standalone, the relationship has been building since book 1, Marry Me, so you may enjoy it more to read in order.

Tempt Me by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Tempt Me : Book 5

My best friend’s little brother is all grown up.

Figuring out my sexuality at nearly forty years old has been a revelation, but dating hasn’t been any easier. After a failed engagement, I know what’s important to me, and I refuse to settle anymore.

So when my best friend asks me if I can help his little brother settle in after being away, it sounds like a pleasant distraction. I always thought Felix was a sweet kid. Only ten years later, he’s definitely all grown up. He owns his glamorous style and larger than life personality, and I’m hooked.

But regardless of my budding interest, there is way too much at stake to even consider dating Felix.

We’ll have to keep it just friends, as long as he doesn’t tempt me…

Tempt Me is a steamy, best friend’s brother, age gap, low angst, tale featuring a sassy chocolatier who can rock a heel and lipstick, a tattoo artist ready to explore his newly accepted sexuality, and two opposites who definitely attract. It is book five in the Tattoos and Temptation series featuring hot Miami nights, Latin desserts, and guys with ink.

It can be read as a standalone.

Twist Me by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Book Cover

Twist Me : Book 6

He gave me freedom through restraint.

He captivated me the first time I saw him. I was drawn to him, curious about the mysterious, soft spoken older man. I convinced myself there was no way someone so worldly would be interested in a shy, inexperienced guy like me. I’m careful what I reveal, choosing instead to live with what if.

But with each interaction, I felt things I never had before. Patiently, he gave me the space to peel back my armor, allowing him to twist me apart in ways I never imagined. Now I crave the security of his ropes.

He opened up the way I see the world and myself in it. Can he open my heart too…

Twist Me is a steamy age gap tale exploring love and self through Shibari. It is book six in the Tattoos and Temptation series featuring hot Miami nights, Latin desserts, and guys with ink.

Twist Me can be read as a standalone but the author recommends reading the series in order or at least book three, Free Me, for maximum enjoyment.

Love in LA Series

Legendary Daddy by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Legendary Daddy : Book 1

I knew he would be my Daddy one day. Now I have to convince him.


My vision board has three things on it:

Move to LA
Become a popular director
Meet my idol and make him fall for me


What can I say, I’m a dreamer.


My chances of making that last one happen were slim to none, until one day, fate shined upon me and I was standing face to face with the man himself, Legend. A scandal took him out of the spotlight and the dating world, but I’m determined to make him mine AND return him to his rightful spot as the adult industry’s top Daddy.


He’s been wronged in the past, but I know I can be his perfect boy. Convincing him to give his career and love life another chance isn’t going to be easy, but if fate is still on my side, our life together could be: Legendary.


Legendary Daddy is a steamy, age gap, Daddy/boy romance with a tenacious aspiring director, a scandal weary performer, a dash of hurt/comfort, and learning that it’s never too late to live life on your own terms. It is book 1 in the Love in LA series featuring doting Daddies and sweet boys finding love in Los Angeles.

Exploring Daddy by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance eBook Cover

Exploring Daddy : Book 2

I’ve never had a Daddy. Can he teach me how to be the perfect boy?


I have three problems.

No job

No direction

No clue what I’m doing next.


Following my best friend to LA is the only thing that makes sense. I’ll start a new life, figure out a career, and learn how to be an adult. Meeting Matteo is intimidating but exciting. I know he wants a boy. I also know I’m far from what he’s looking for. How can I go to him when I don’t even know how to balance a bank account? I’m determined to stand on my own two feet before letting a Daddy take over my life.


As usual, life has other plans for me, and I find myself needing the one thing I tried to avoid. I can’t imagine what the gorgeous, older man could want with me, but I’m done fighting. I have a lot to learn about life and love, but exploring Daddy is turning out to be one of my better decisions. If he thinks I can be the perfect boy for him, maybe I can.


Exploring Daddy is a delicious Daddy/boy romance with a pining Daddy ready for a special boy, a stubborn young man fighting his own wishes, exploring new ground, and learning that sometimes asking for help is the bravest thing you can do. It is book 2 in the Love in LA series featuring doting Daddies and sweet boys finding love in Los Angeles.

Becoming Daddy by Mia Monroe

Becoming Daddy : Book 3

I knew nothing about love until they came along to teach me.


My life is all about three things.


Helping people in need,

Loyalty to my friends,

Surviving by any means.


My life has always been about the hustle. That’s what it’s like when you grow up on the tough streets of LA. I learned early on to rely on myself but always look out for the little guy. I guess it’s my instinct or something. My new friends pulled me out of a bad situation and into a world I’ve never experienced. I’m slowly finding my way on the straight and narrow path, but watching all my friends find love makes me realize what I’m still missing.


When a couple invites me into their lives, I’m confused. Why would these two gorgeous men want me? They’re determined to convince me it’s real. The more time we spend together, the more I wonder if I’m a boy at heart. But when things come to a head, maybe Becoming Daddy is what my men really need from me.


Becoming Daddy is an MMM book featuring a former bad boy with a heart of gold trying to find his footing, a loving couple who knows exactly what they want, and three men discovering much more about themselves than they expected. It is book 3 in the Love in LA series featuring doting Daddies and sweet boys finding love in Los Angeles.

Written In The Stars Series

Stars Collide by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Stars Collide : Book 1

He always gets what he wants. Until he meets me.

Above average intelligence is the only break life has given me. I studied hard, got the scholarship to my preferred school, and now I’m poised for my dream job. 
That is, until Gabriel struts into my life lobbying for the position he didn’t lift a finger for. And who gets to train him? This guy.

Gabriel is many things- soccer star, golden boy, rival- but this is one thing that won’t come easy to him. I’ll prove I’m the better candidate for the position and somehow manage not to get lost in his eyes. 

We spend our days talking about space, and when two stars collide, there’s always an explosion.

Stars Collide is a steamy, low angst, enemies to lovers, opposites attract, MM romance with a determined science major, a former athlete finding his way, a galaxy of assumptions, and only ONE bed. It is book one in the Written in the Stars series, featuring science-loving nerds and the men who fall for them.


Can be read as a standalone.

Gravity by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Ebook Cover

Gravity : Book 2

He was only meant to be a hookup. Until he became my coworker.


Only I could ruin the hottest potential hookup ever. One look at the gorgeous ginger, and I was done for. I summoned every bit of courage I had, then panicked. As is my way. I managed to put it behind me until he became my new coworker. Now, every day is a reminder of my insecurities and what might have been.


Working so closely together, Henry and I become fast friends. We have so much in common, but he’s very clear that relationships are not on his mind. The attraction though, that’s undeniable. When Henry offers friends with benefits, there’s no way I’m saying no. Did I mention I’m a virgin?


All I have to do is keep a level head and my feet on the ground. We have a blast together, but before long, the line between friendship and love blurs, and I’m drawn in by his gravity. 


The question remains… Is he drawn in by mine?


Gravity is a steamy, low angst, hook up turned surprise coworker, friends with benefits, first time romance featuring a Sinatra-loving old soul, a sweeter than sugar virgin, nerding to the nth degree, and rain-drenched kisses. It is book 2 in the Written in the Stars series, featuring science-loving nerds and the men who fall for them.

Love in the City Series

Deviate by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Book Cover

Deviate : Book 1

Falling for him was not part of the plan.

It was the perfect plan. I would marry one of my closest friends and reap the financial rewards. He needed a savior right when I showed up on my white horse. We’d been friends for years, so now we’d be glorified roommates. No one had to know two straight guys decided to tie the knot. We agreed nothing would change. We’d just go on with our normal lives.

That was the plan until I started to notice more about him than just his laid back vibe. I started to look forward to coming home. I lived to talk books, art, and love. Suddenly, we were both feeling things that didn’t make any sense. We had to make a decision – act on the attraction or try to pretend it wasn’t there.


One thing about perfect plans – sometimes you have to deviate.


Can be read as a standalone.

Damage by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Book Cover

Damage : Book 2

Everyone deserves a second chance, but does that include someone like me?


I always knew what I wanted to do with my life. When a dream opportunity landed in my lap three years ago, I had to take it, even if it meant leaving everyone behind.


I quickly learned reality doesn’t live up to the fantasy. Home is where I need to be, but when I see the man I pushed aside, the consequences of my actions hit me like a ton of bricks.


Maybe I don’t deserve a second chance, but I will do everything I can to win him back. For a shot at the life we should have had, I’ll have to fix the damage I left in my wake.


Can be read as a standalone.

Standalone Stories

The Secrets We Keep by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Book Cover

The Secrets We Keep

Only a jerk would steal his sister’s man.


I told myself it was a harmless crush on my very straight, future brother-in-law, until one night we crossed a line.


Everything shifted as forbidden passion simmered between us, but we vowed to keep it buried and our family intact. I saw the cracks between them, but for some reason, breaking up wasn’t an option. I didn’t know then how many things we all hid.


When it all collided, the decision we made changed everything.


And if the truth comes out, the secrets we keep could destroy our lives.

The Jerk Next Door by Mia Monroe - Gay Romance Book Cover

The Jerk Next Door

He might look like a daydream, but he’s anything but.


My life is perfect. No, really. Dream career, great social life, a fantastic condo, and I’m easy on the eyes. It’s just that I’m a little bored with it all.


Until my new neighbor moves in. He’s unfriendly, uptight, and unwilling to compromise. Looks like annoying him just became my new hobby.


Poor guy has no idea who he’s up against. The Jerk Next Door just met his match.


The Jerk Next Door is a standalone romance featuring two warring neighbors, unexpected favors, an awakening of epic proportions, and very thin walls. It is low angst, high heat, and even higher snark.