Deviate: A Fake Marriage Romance

Falling for him was not part of the plan.

It was the perfect plan. I would marry one of my closest friends and reap the financial rewards. He needed a savior right when I showed up on my white horse. We’d been friends for years, so now we’d be glorified roommates. No one had to know two straight guys decided to tie the knot. We agreed nothing would change. We’d just go on with our normal lives.

That was the plan until I started to notice more about him than just his laid back vibe. I started to look forward to coming home. I lived to talk books, art, and love. Suddenly, we were both feeling things that didn’t make any sense. We had to make a decision – act on the attraction or try to pretend it wasn’t there.

One thing about perfect plans – sometimes you have to deviate.


Damage: A Second Chance Romance

Everyone deserves a second chance, but does that include someone like me?

I always knew what I wanted to do with my life. When a dream opportunity landed in my lap three years ago, I had to take it, even if it meant leaving everyone behind.

I quickly learned reality doesn’t live up to the fantasy. Home is where I need to be, but when I see the man I pushed aside the consequences of my actions hit me like a ton of bricks. 

Maybe I don’t deserve a second chance, but I will do everything I can to win him back. For a shot at the life we should have had, I’ll have to fix the damage I left in my wake.